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Paul Welden, PLLC HomeSmart Exclusive Buyer's Agent El Mirage Real Estate 480-241-0081It’s easy to find the HUD Homes that are for sale. So easy in fact, that all you have to do to find HUD homes on your own is click here or scroll down, but HUD requires you to use a HUD approved Real Estate Broker to get access to the inside of their homes & to submit the online bid to purchase one of their homes. Since our real estate firm is a HUD approved real estate broker and we are Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, we can help you to buy any Phoenix HUD Home.

So, contact us now, because we want to help you to buy a HUD Home and for half off the listed price, if you qualify, which is called the Good Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND).

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Viewing the map search tool for HUD homes below requires Adobe Flash (free) or JAWS screen reader with Adobe Flex, (free).

Viewing the map search tool for HUD homes above requires Adobe Flash (free) or JAWS screen reader with Adobe Flex, (free).

To qualify for the Good Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND):

  1. The buyer must be employed full time as a Police Officer, Firefighter, EMT/Paramedic or a School Teacher
  2. The property must be in a HUD designated revitalization area *
  3. The property needs to be located in the same city where the buyer works
  4. The buyer must live in the property as their primary residence for 36 months

These HUD Homes at half price are not actively marketed for sale on the MLS with a Realtor® and are only available for the first 5 days it’s for sale on a remote & obscure government website (access map search above). So, if you meet these qualifications or want more information, contact us right now, because we have been looking for a buyer to qualify for the GNND program since 2005.

If you do not meet the criteria you can still search for HUD Homes using the map based search tool above. 

And, do not worry about HUD Homes or any other home that may need some renovations, because you can include the repair costs into your mortgage by getting an FHA 203k Loan.

The bottom line is that if you meet the GNND criteria or are looking for a good deal on a HUD REO, then contact us today & let us help you to buy a HUD Home and maybe half off the listed price. It doesn’t cost you anything to contact us to get more information on how to buy HUD Homes at 50% off, but it could cost you a good deal on a home if you don’t. Remember, these types of homes are not on the MLS and only available for the first 5 days the home is for sale. After that, it’s regular price. Better hurry! You have nothing to lose & everything to gain by letting us help you.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your El Mirage HUD Home purchase. 

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